Our Services


Delivering a qualitative counseling service by using innovations of the counseling field.


Making better coordination among the professionals of the counseling service.


Minimizing the community being diseased in psychological disorders by guiding.

Skill development

Skill development by conducting theoretical and practical training programmes on counseling.


  • Identifying , designing, implementing and evaluating programs suitable for economic and social empowerment of Sri Lanka women.
  • Identifying exceptional qualities of women in all ranges of age and implementing programs to make them stakeholders of total development of the country.
  • Implementing programs to overcome difficulties encountered by women for the sole reason of their femininity.
  • Implementing special programs for women who face numerous difficulties due to particular social reasons.
  • Implementing programs for up gradation of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the entire generation of women.
  • Organizing women in a single network ranging from community-based level to national level to facilitate their smooth functioning in the same organization.

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